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Karl Jenkins World Premiere

The National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain (NYBBGB) is looking forward to providing the world premiere of ‘Fragile Earth’, its major new commission that has been written by Welsh composer Sir Karl Jenkins.

In his first major work for the brass band medium, Sir Karl Jenkins the multi award-winning, best-selling composer has embraced the challenge of highlighting climate change and the healing power of nature.

Climate change

The commission sees the NYBBGB partnering The Wildlife Trusts, to bring together young people through the power of music with the hope that it will shine a timely light on climate change and biodiversity loss, and how it affects them.
Speaking to 4BR, Mark Bromley NYBBGB’s CEO said: “In a world that is alarmingly fragile, I hope that through the combination of Sir Karl’s captivating music and the invaluable advocacy of the Wildlife Trusts we will raise awareness about the state of our planet and contribute to fostering positive change for the environment we cherish.”

Meanwhile, Wildlife Trusts CEO Craig Bennett added: “Nature can be enjoyed and appreciated in a million different ways, including through music.

It’s fantastic that Sir Karl Jenkins is shining a light on the importance of nature in tackling climate change and giving young people an opportunity to express their feelings about these issues.

We can all play our part in reversing nature loss, from practical action to supporting campaigns to inspiring others to join the cause. Fragile Earth is a brilliant way of helping to spread a positive and important message.”


Having met young people from both organisations, Sir Karl has used their discussions to inform his three-movement work, stating: “I hope that my music and their advocacy can in some small way help to highlight the importance of the issue and provoke change.”

The three movement are entitled, ‘Scorched Earth’, ‘The Blue’ and ‘Flight’ — each looking at the effects of human interaction with nature.

‘Scorched Earth’ reflects on man’s rapacious exploitation of natural resources — one that leaves little or nothing behind of value, except a please for hope that the cycle can be broken.

‘The Blue’ offers a reflection of the oceans and the effect on its most glorious inhabitant, the Blue Whale. Again the music reflects both of it majesty as well as its fragility.

Finally, ‘Flight’ — and the movement of all living animals, including man, across the planet to secure safe havens. The work ends in optimism that the very power of nature can be harnessed for good, although it must now be helped with its own recovery.


‘Fragile Earth’ will receive its world première performance by the NYBBGB on Saturday 6th April at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff and will be performed again at Liverpool University’s Tung Auditorium on Saturday 13th April.

“I hope that my music and their advocacy can in some small way help to highlight the importance of the issue and provoke change.” Sir Karl Jenkins.

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