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Alumni Case Studies

Dr Keith M Wilkinson

I played in the NYBBGB from 1961 to 1966, with five courses as Principal Euphonium. I have fantastic memories of my time in the band and remember on my final course having a very pleasant conversation with Eric Ball, our Guest Conductor who had just returned from the Salvation Army’s Star Lake Music Camp in the USA.

John Storey

Joined NYBBGB in 1992 aged 16. I joined the band to further develop my skills and play along side talented young musicians. The band helped me develop my playing and enhanced the experience I gained at music college, building confidence in performance. This helped my ability to perform under pressure, helping me be successful in […]

Greg Beardsell

I grew up in Yorkshire, brought up on a diet of brass bands and church choirs. My experience of playing in the National Youth Brass Band was completely transformative, not just in projecting my technique to the next level, but also in how it exposed me to such bold artistic collaborations.

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