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Support us with a donation and you can help to inspire the next generation of musicians

By donating to the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain, you are ensuring that the next generation of musicians have access to opportunities that will inspire and develop them as outstanding brass and percussion players, teachers and music leaders of the future.

‍For over 70 years we’ve given the brightest young brass and percussion musicians the opportunity to develop their musicianship, play together and inspire others. Life-long friendships have been formed, as well as precious memories.

By donating today you will help us to continue to:

  • Provide an outstanding audition experience to any young musician playing brass or percussion – free of charge.
  • Provide bursaries to young people who have earned a place in one of our bands, via an audition, but could not participate without financial support.
  • Develop and deliver outreach programmes in schools and the community to support the playing of brass band music and instruments.
  • Keep the cost of our residential courses affordable.

Your support is hugely important to the talented young musicians now and in the future. Thank you for believing in our talented young musicians.