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NYBBGB Garrick Young Conductors Competition Final

10am 13th January 2024 Admission Free

The final of NYBBGB’s second young conductors’ competition, supported by a donation from the Garrick Charitable Trust given in memory of Prince Philip, will be held live in Tidworth, Wiltshire, hosted by our partner organisation British Army Music.

The four finalists will be assessed by Lt Col David Barringer, Dr Robert Childs and Capt Andy Porter.

Each of the finalists will be given 35 mins to rehearse one of the following well known brass band works; Resurgam – Eric Ball, Music for a Festival – Philip Sparke, Shine as the Light – Peter Graham, Dimensions – Peter Graham.

Following lunch, musicians from NYBBGB and British Army Band Tidworth will perform in open rehearsal under the direction of Capt Andy Porter and Lt Col Dave Barringer.

9:30 Warm up and draw for piece and order

10:00 First conductor

10:40 Second conductor

11:15 Break

11:30 Third conductor

12:10 Fourth conductor

12:45 Jury adjudication and band lunch break

13:15 Result announced

13:45 British Army Music NYBBGB open rehearsal and performance with break

16:45 End of day