7 Aug
Repton School, Repton, Derbyshire, DE65 6FH
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Youth Band Summer Concert

The National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain Youth Band in concert at Repton School (subject to COVID regulations) under the direction of Guest Conductor Philip Harper.

Guest Conductor Philip Harper

Guest Soloist Simon Howell (Tuba)

The Olympic Spirit, John Williams, arr. Christian Jenkins

Written for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Poignant here following the Olympics 2021.

Destination Moon, Paul Raphael

Written for 2017 own-choice selection by Philip Harper and Cory Band for the European Championships in Ostend, Belgium.

Where She Sings Freely”, music Lucy Pankhurst, words Clara Price*

Clara Price's winning poem in the 2018 Cathedral School Eisteddfod. Here Lucy Pankhurst has set the poem to music. See below for more details.

The Triumph of Time, Peter Graham

Used as the test piece in 2016 at the British Open Championships. PhilipHarper and the Cory Band were triumphant.

Largo al Factotum, Rossini arr. Stephen Roberts (Guest Soloist Simon Howell)

Nordic Polska, Edenroth / Kalio, arr. Philip Harper

By Water and the Word, Jonathan Bates

By Water and the Word' was composed for 2020 Brass Band Summer School in memory of it's long-standing course administrator Philip Biggs, who passed away in 2019. Aside from his work with BBSS, Philip was also administrator for The National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain. Under Maestro Bramwell Tovey, each course would conclude with an encore of The Day Thou Gavest (St. Clements) and one of the most used hymn tunes throughout the week was The Church's One Foundation (Aurelia)

Variations on an Enigma, Philip Sparke

Capriccio for Tuba, Rodney Newton (Guest Soloist Simon Howell)

La Suerte de los Tontos, J. Richards, arr. Philip Harper

I’ve Gotta Be Me, Walter Marks, arr. Philip Harper

* “Where she sings freely”  The poem is broken down into 10 fragments for narration - each one to be spoken at a specific point in the score, indicated by the conductor:

1. To think you can fly is one, To take flight is another.

2. She, the miner's wife, the mother, the aunt, Who trusted in the little song she had to sing, Who lied to herself so many times that she believed it.

A bird that raised her young as she was raised, like generations before her: Decade by decade, century by century, Illustrated by the Blue Books that could only be changed on the light side of the moon.

3. To take flight is one, To hover is another.

4. Rules decided by the affluent, the workers. Those that oppressed the affliction that scintillated on the pupils of her eyes: Windows through the marriage bars, A push of a boundary, One domino in a line of others.

5. To resist was one way. But nature's mirror casts the mind to dusty dreams; Those reveries that led souls to ignite.

6. To hover is one, To dive is another.

7. When a bird grows to a dragon, she now births lullabies of flame, A flock transfigures to an army, An army without contention or conviction.

8. The flame is never blown out in a spiral of smoke, The side never weakens. A Wales of stigma and manipulation, now of justice.

9. On the light side of the moon, The bird can sing freely, Can teach not only her young, Can work for her needs, Can stand for the right.

10. On the light side of the moon, She can think, take flight, hive, dive and soar.

Clara Price (2018)