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Brett Baker


Being a member of The NYBBGB between 1989-1992 had a huge impact on my life. I was advised to take my trombone and audition by a teacher of mine (and NYBBGB alum) Robert Morgan of Lydbrook band. He actually drove me to Oxford to take part in the audition. I thought I was a pretty good player until I joined the youth band! It opened up a whole new world of possibilities and I was introduced to brass bands I had not even heard of. It was an eye opener and sitting next to fantastic players that played in really good bands spurred me on to get better and believe I could one day join a really good brass band and have the confidence to do so.

The likes of Bob Childs and John Gillam were tutoring sections when I was in the band, as was John Maines. I learnt an awful lot from them as well as the conductors such as Bram Tovey, Richard Evans, Roy Newsome and Frank Renton. I think it really defined what I wanted to do later in life. People in the band included Phil Harper (horn), Michelle Ibbotson (Soprano), Tracey Redfern (Soprano), Gareth Johnson (BB bass), Jayne Murrill (Trombone), Mike Wallbridge (Trombone) Sarah Williams (Bass trombone) people I have kept in touch with since leaving the band.

I have lots of great memories of the concerts. Playing New Jerusalem at the Barbican with Frank Renton Conducting. Playing the solo from Elaine the second movement of Tintagel on Roy Newsome’s request even though I was not the solo trombone player of the band at the time. Playing in the Katie Ogden solo competition. 

On leaving the band I went to the RNCM as a mature student of 26 and then went on to complete a masters and Doctorate at the University of Salford. I became programme leader of the Band Studies course at Salford following on the footsteps of Roy Newsome and David King

Music is  still a huge part of my life. I’ve just completed a stint of 24 years with Black Dyke Band and before that played for Flowers and Fairey Bands. I now work as Sales Director for Denis Wick Products and I’m Chair of the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators, an organisation Roy Newsome helped to set up.

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